Todd Dillon’s Chase of UP 1943 and Train

Last Monday the Union Pacific OCS train came back from its trip east. Its schedule put it on the east side of Cleveland in daylight but things happen on the railroad so I headed eastward to make sure I would get daylight photos.

My first stop was Cassandra, Pennsylvania, where about 20 railfans had gathered, including some from Scranton, Pennsylvania, and one from Marion, Ohio.

Next we drove to Leetsdale, Pennsylvania, and despite being delayed in rush-hour traffic beat the special there. About 40 railfan were here. I saw many familiar faces including but not limited to Dave Ori and Roger Durfee.

The train made a quick crew change at Conway which let us get ahead again this time and get it from the I-376 overpass as it climbed to Summit Cut.

The last stop was at Rootstown in the last good light of the day. Over 50 railfans were camped out here including many ARRC members. This ended a great chase of what is probably the train of the year for Northeast Ohio.

Article and Photographs by Todd Dillon


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