Joy Ride on CSX Ends in Arrests 60 Miles Later

CSX gave two Ohio men a 60-mile ride on Tuesday that ended with their arrest for trespassing.

Police said Christian Hale, 20, and Keven Slone, 24, both of Willard, got onto a moving CSX train in Willard at about 4 a.m. Tuesday and rode it for several miles before Hale called 911 for help.

The pair had thought the train would stop in Willard but it kept going. They clung to the outside of two rail cars as the eastbound train reached speeds of 45 to 50 miles per hour.

As the train neared Doylestown on the New Castle Subdivision, Hale called 911 and told a police dispatcher what was happening.

“I’m on a train!” he said.

“You’re on a train?” the dispatcher responded.

“Yeah, and it’s going really fast and I don’t know where it’s going. It’s scaring the s*** out of us.”

The police dispatcher notified CSX and the train stopped at Whitman Road in Chippewa Township.

Hale and Christian took off but were found a mile away. The pair were charged with trespassing and may face additional charges being lodged by CSX police.

When asked why he had gotten on the train, Hale replied, “It’s better than walking.”

Wayne County Captain Doug Hunter said getting a 911 call from someone hanging onto the side of train is very unusual

Hale told a deputy he only planed to ride the train through Willard.

“I thought it was going to stop in Willard and it didn’t, and I should have never got on the train,” Hale said. “I know it was a stupid idea and I never should have did it. I wasn’t going to and I never will again.”

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3 Responses to “Joy Ride on CSX Ends in Arrests 60 Miles Later”

  1. pwwoodring Says:

    I was paid and taught as a conductor how to safely ride the sides of cars and I can’t imagine hanging onto a car ladder at 50 mph for nearly an hour! I never rode the side of a car at more than about 15 – 20 mph, and I controlled the move. I could stop the move if I got tired of holding on. I’m guessing their arms were a little longer after they got done with that adventure.

    • csanders429 Says:

      Not to mention how much lighter their wallets are going to be after paying the fines if they are convicted of trespassing.

  2. char borgelt Says:

    why were these two running around at 4 a.m really they, both have records and SHOULD be punished they could have caused the train to derail. this to bring harm to the crew or even death, not to mention the train could have been carrying explosive containers. my husband works for csx he is beyond words

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