NKP 587 Stranded 24+ Hours in Kentucky

Many railroad operating employees have stories to tell about going on duty and their train never turning a wheel during their shift.

Nickel Plate Road No. 587 had a similar experience during its trek from Indiana to Kentucky.

A truck hauling the steam locomotive from the Indiana Transportation Museum to a new home in Ravenna, Kentucky, got stuck for more than 24 hours on a country road in Madison County, Kentucky.

The driver of the truck, Ted Squier, said he was following the route provided him with a permit from the State of Kentucky when he because stuck between two curves.

He said if he had proceeded he might have flipped the load of his truck, spilling the 2-8-2 Baldwin-built locomotive onto the ground.

Squier said he should never have been routed to this road.

“I was 118 foot long and 185,000 pounds so I had no business being on this road. I should have been on a four-lane highway,” he said.

Two wreckers helped escort his truck out of its predicament.

A nearby resident and several other people worked through the night putting rock down on the road.

“They were out here all night long with bulldozers, the police were out here. They had my entire driveway blocked, wouldn’t let me through. I had to take out the ditch line to come through my house,” said Chad Isaacs, who lives in the area.

The route outlined in the permit had Squirer taking Panola Road in Waco.

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