New Display Site Needed for GG1 in Harrisburg

Amtrak’s plans to renovate the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, station means that historic Pennsylvania Railroad equipment on display there must be moved.

The display includes Pennsy GG1 No. 4859 and a PRR cabin car.

The Harrisburg Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society is seeking a new home for the GG1 and cabin car, both of which it owns and displays on space it leases from Amtrak.

The GG1 is usually displayed on Track No. 5, but Amtrak plans to rebuild the platform for that track to have high-level platforms that conform with the Americans With Disabilities Act.

John Smith of the Harrisburg chapter said it is talking with Amtrak for a solution that would enable the equipment to continue to be displayed under cover.

Amtrak has offered use of another track, but that would expose the locomotive to the elements.

Another idea being considered is moving the display to a pavilion near Harris Tower and 1,000 feet north of the station.

Smith told Trains magazine that he wants to see another track built so that passengers boarding trains could see the equipment and that it would be under cover.

He said that because the GG1 is on the National Register of Historic Places that Amtrak cannot put the chapter and its equipment at a disadvantage.

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