CSX Reopens Another Hump

The hump has reopened at CSX’s Radnor Yard in Nashville, Tennessee, making it the second hump yard to be reopened in the past year.

Radnor had been one of eight classification yards converted to flat-switching in 2017 as part of the railroad’s transition to the precision scheduled railroading operating model.

Another of those yards, Avon Yard near Indianapolis, has also seen hump operations restored.

CSX officials said that Radnor’s layout was too cumbersome for flat switching. Work to reopen the former Louisville & Nashville hump began last June.

Chief Financial Officer Frank Lonegro said last week that reopening the hump at Radnor shows that the company is willing to revisit and reverse decisions when necessary.

He said CSX will revisit other hump-yard decisions if merchandise traffic grows significantly in certain areas.

The railroad’s merchandise traffic is up 4 percent this year although it is still far below traffic levels posted a decade ago.

In 2016, Radnor was CSX’s third-busiest hump, trailing only Waycross, Georgia, and Selkirk, New York. At that time it classified an average of 1,477 cars per day, but CSX has not said how many cars per day it classifies now.

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