Something Special From CSX in NEO

CSX recently repainted two of its ES44AH locomotives to honor veterans and first responders.

The first responders unit is numbered 911 and named Spirit of Our First Responders. Spirit of Our Veterans is number 1776.

Since being released the two units have traveled as a pair. They recently passed through Northeast Ohio, going east on Q020 in the early morning hours and returning west on Wednesday on the Q017.

It was while pulling the latter train that most NEO photographer captured the pair.

Among the many Akron Railroad Club members who went trackside to get the 911 and the 1776 was Edward Ribinskas, who captured the Q017 at Perry in mid afternoon.

As this was posted about 7 p.m. on Thursday, the 1776 and 911 were leading eastbound stack train Q015, which should pass through Akron in around sunset or later.

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One Response to “Something Special From CSX in NEO”

  1. Sam Risjan Says:

    I live in Akron not close to the tracks to see the trains, yet close enough to hear Lambert to Monroe Falls on my scanner. As soon as I read that you said it should be commin’ through Akron, I turned on my scanner and for ready to record her knocking down the signals from Bridge 16 to Broad. However just as I turned on my scanner, she was. Knocking down 120. Too little too late to get any radio recording of her taking the signals. Hopefully in a while she’ll be back again, and this time, I’ll be ready with my camera.

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