CVSR Adds Fine Dining Aboard Dome Cars

Dinner trains have been a staple of some tourist railroads for many years. Locally, the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad has offered breakfast and brunch aboard select runs of its National Park Scenic.

Now it has added fine dining with gourmet dinners being served aboard its new former California Zephyr dome cars Silver Solarium and Silver Lariat.

The dinner trains operate on Friday nights, leaving from Rockside Road station at 7:30 p.m. with boarding beginning at 7 a.m. for cocktails and appetizers.

Unlike the breakfast and brunch trains, which feature catered meals prepared at a restaurant off the train, the fare served aboard the dinner trains is prepared on board by an executive chef using made from scratch recipes.

Passengers are treated to a four course-meal whose menu will change every two weeks.

For the trips of June 7 and 14, passengers will begin their meal with a first course of smoked trout dip with pachino tomatoes, capers and cream cheese. The second course is bacon and eggs salad featuring soft boiled egg, Applewood bacon, pickled red onion, shaved brussels sprouts, local greens, and mustard and chive vinaigrette.

The entrée will be veal short rob garnished with succotash, herb jus and chimichurri.

Dessert will be vanilla bean cheesecake with a raspberry and riesling compote, and streusel topping.

A vegan, gluten free or vegetarian meal is available upon request made at least one week in advance of travel. However, no other dietary restrictions can be accommodated.

A complimentary bar will serve guests during the two-hour journey and wine will be poured at the table throughout the courses.

Be advised, though, that this experience is not inexpensive. Tickets cost $115 per passenger for dome-level seating and $105 for lower-level seating in the Silver Lariat. All seating will be assigned.

The dinner trains will operate through October and are sold out through early August.

Reservations can be made at, by calling 800-468-4070 (extension 240) or sending an email to

Tickets are non-exchangeable and non-refundable without the purchase of refund protection, which is offered at checkout.

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