Workers Cleaning Up Wellington Derailment

Workers were on the scene Wednesday of a CSX deailment in Wellington to clean up the mess.

Traffic began flowing through town although CSX said in a statement that some trains had been rerouted due to the derailment that occurred early Tuesday morning.

CSX said in a statement that 22 cars and two locomotives derailed. Although the train carried some hazardous materials it was not contained in any of the derailed cars.

Much of the freight in the derailed cars was produce and building materials.

Emergency workers also cleaned up some diesel fuel that spilled from some derailed cars. Some of that fuel got into the town’s sewer system and workers are monitoring it.

Officials said no injuries occurred and there was no threat to public safety.

On Wednesday railroad officials told local news media that the cleanup of the derailment would take several days.’

Wellington Fire Chief Bill Brown told reporters that the two CSX crew members aboard the locomotive said they were trying to slow their train as it approached downtown Wellington when the derailment occurred.

Most of the derailed cars were located toward the front of the train.

A car carrying onions caught fire and burned for much of Tuesday. Firefighters said they had difficulty reaching the fire because it occurred beneath pallets and spilled produce.

A video posted at the website of television station Fox8 Cleveland shows the train derailing. The video reportedly came from a home security camera.

It can be viewed at

CSX said the cause of the derailment remains under investigation, but the video shows that it appeared to originate with the third locomotive in the motive power consist.

The reefer cars behind it can be seen derailed and buckling in the video.

“It seems like this was the best-case scenario of a bad situation,” said Hans Schneider, mayor of Wellington in an interview with The Chronicle of Ellyria. “I’m just thankful that obviously things like this could be a lot worse, and I’m just really happy with the response from the village and that it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as it cold have been.”


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