Evening Sighting of the Grand River Railway

It was a warm and sun-splashed Friday evening. I was talking with Ed Ribinskas outside Brennans Fish House in Grand River

We had eaten dinner there with our respective wives and were doing some socializing.

I heard a train horn and knew a Grand River Railway was coming. But from which direction?

The Grand River operates down River Street in Grand River. Brennans is located on west side of the street while Pickle Bill’s Lobster House is on the east side.

Some patrons of the latter park next to front of the restaurant and that can cause a clearance issue for the GRR, which hauls salt from a Morton facility north of Grand River to an interchange with CSX in Painesville.

Ed borrows Ursula’s cell phone and snapped the four images shown here.

In the top image the train has entered the street running and is passing Pickle Bill’s. Note the Grand River Police Department cruiser keeping watch on the street.

The shadows in the various images belong to Ed, myself, Ursula and my wife, Mary Ann.

If Horizon Rail GP10 No. 8420 looks familiar that might be because it pulled trains on the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad in 2015 and 2016 before being return to its owner.

It is only the third ime I’ve seen the GRR running down the street in its namesake city.

One of those times was a couple years ago when Mary Ann and I were having dinner at Brennans and it rolled past the window.

Yet another time we were eating on the deck at Pickel Bills when I heard locomotive horns and went out to take a look and there the train was.

Photographs by Edward Ribinskas

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