Dawn of a New Day in Indianapolis

The sun is just starting to rise over downtown Indianapolis as Amtrak’s Hoosier State emerges from the train shed of Union Station en route to Chicago.

It may be the last week of operation for Nos. 850 and 851 but it is the first week of my new life living in the Circle City.

Those who read this website and who know me are aware that I’ve been planning for some time to move from Northeast Ohio to Indy.

After many delays, complications and unforeseen circumstances, we finalized our move this week.

I made this photograph from a coach seat aboard No. 851 as I began a journey to complete our move by traveling on Amtrak back to Cleveland to pick up my car and drive it to Indy.

Yes, it made for a very long two days that included the Lake Shore arriving in Cleveland well over three hours late.

I will continue to operate this website and its focus will not change all that much aside from the fact that you might see more Indiana centric content.

As I said when I brought back this site from hibernation, it will continue to be devoted to news, features and nostalgia about the railroads of Akron and Northeast Ohio.

However, I’ll also be continuing to report news of railroad operations in the states surrounding Ohio, something I did for many years when this site supported the Akron Railroad Club.

Those of you still in Northeast Ohio are welcome to send along any photographs you’ve made of the rail operations in your home region, which was my home, too, for nearly 26 years.

During that time I served as president of the Akron Railroad Club for 14 years and was a member for 15 and a half years.

I’ve got a lot of memories of club activities and other railfanning experiences that I’ll continue to share.

As I’ve told many folks, it is not that I’ll never get back to Northeast Ohio. It’s just that those trips won’t be all that frequent. But when I do get back you might see me trackside.

I hope to see you again some day.

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