7 Domes to Be in Autumn Colors Express Consist

Dome cars will be plentiful in the consist of the Autumn Colors Express when it travels in October in West Virginia.

The train will have three Amtrak locomotives and 29 private cars, many of which once operated on the New River Train.

Book ending the consist will be Milwaukee Road Cedar Rapid, the eastbound tail car, and Pennsylvania Railroad Frank Thompson as the westbound tail car.

Among the seven dome cars will be Northern Pacific No. 549, a Budd short dome, and Silver Palace, a former California Zephyr car.

Other noteworthy cars in the consist will be six Budd-built cars that originally had cars and traction motors for service in the Northeast Corridor.

Similar in design to Amtrak’s Amfleet cars, the former self-propelled vehicles will used as coaches.

No Amtrak cars will be included in the consist.

The Autumn Colors Express excursions will depart from Huntington on Oct. 25-27. Tickets can be purchased at http://www.autumncolorexpresswv.com

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