A Collection of Erie Lackawanna Motive Power

EL 6621is riding the turntable in Marion, Ohio, in the late 1960s.

Relatively speaking, the Erie Lackawanna had a short if colorful life, lasting from October 1960 to April 1976.

The EL, which many wags dubbed the Erie Lack of Money also had some of the snazziest looking locomotives operating in Northeast Ohio.

Here is a collection of EL motive power from the camera of Robert Farkas.

About the image below that features a Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific locomotive leading a train in Kent, Bob wrote: “My friend Mike Ondecker was friends with many who worked for the EL in Kent, Ohio which arrangement allowed me to take photos in the yard when I was with him.

“Rock Island 201 leads an eastbound Erie Lackawanna freight through the EL yard in Kent in the late 1960s/early 1970s.

“At the time RI, B&M, and D&H power could sometimes be seen mostly on run-through trains.”

Photographs by Robert Farkas

EL 7062 is at Marion on July 28, 1972.

EL 2503 is part of a motive power consist in Akron on Oct. 1, 1972.

EL 1005 is in Akron in January 1973.

EL 3617 is westbound in Kent in the late 1960s.

EL 820 is eastbound in Kent in the late 1960s.

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