No Bids Yet in ex-ITM Equipment Auction

Although it got off to a slow start with no bids being received, the company overseeing the sale of “abandoned” railroad rolling stock that once belonged to the Indiana Transportation Museum said that was to be expected.

The auction began on Monday and involves 17 pieces of equipment that for legal purposes is considered to have been abandoned to the city after ITM was evicted in July 2018 from its 50-year home in Forest Park in Noblesville, Indiana.

John Susheck of brokerage firm Ozark Mountain Railcar told Trains magazine that no bids had yet been received for the equipment, but he expects that to change today (Sept. 11) because in his experience bidders typically wait for the last day of an auction to submit a bid.

“Every auction we’ve ever done has gone this way,” Susheck said. “Everyone is afraid if they place a bid now, someone would outbid them. It’s always at the last minute that everyone places bids. It’s kind of annoying, but that’s the way it works.”

Susheck said several items have seen significant traffic on Ozark Mountain’s website.

These have included former Milwaukee Road EMD F7A No. 96C and Pennsylvania Railroad Pullman sleeper No. 8007, Philadelphia County.

Any equipment that is sold will need to be removed by truck. Unsold equipment will be scrapped.

“I hate to see anything get cut up, but that place there has been mismanaged for a very long time and it was bound to happen,” he said. “It’s sad, but it is what is.”

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