Out of the Ordinary

Here is an out-of-the-ordinary pair of images. At first glance there may be little to surprise you. These two photos were taken about two hours apart.

In the top image R.J. Corman SD40T-2 No. 8336 is backing up westbound into the Wheeling & Lake Erie’s yard in Brewster, Ohio, on Oct. 9, 2019, on W&LE tracks at the W&LE/Corman diamond.

In the bottom image, W&LE SD40T-2 Nos. 8795 and 5413 plus one other locomotive are westbound at the west end of the yard.

Yes, 5413 is a Rio Grande heritage unit, but that was not what surprised me.

Nos. 8336, 8795, and 5413 are not only in three different paint schemes, but all three are tunnel motors.

Article and Photographs by Robert Farkas

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One Response to “Out of the Ordinary”

  1. brenda obrien Says:

    I previously left a comment on the Brewster railyard article of a few weeks ago. Fair warning to anyone photographing in Brewster. I wandered onto the property of the railyard while out taking pictures. I followed the path of a train I saw on an underpass. I have never been to Brewster but found myself at the railyard. Posted the longer story in another post. Next thing I knew I was being arrested for criminal trespassing. I am 57 years old, clean record, married to a disabled veteran. The police asked the person in charge if they really wanted to press charges since I had made a mistake by wandering in there. But, NO they had to press charges! I wasn’t causing any problem and offered to leave when they told me I couldn’t be in there. Another employee commented that if the gate had been closed like it is supposed to be I wouldn’t have been able to get in there. So, now I’m off to court next week. So, I guess others need to be warned about this. I just didn’t realize it was such a serious offense. I got a cool bright yellow vest to wear while I was there so they could see me. Thanks Brewster for being so friendly to a rail fan!

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