Short Line Paints Locomotive in IT-Inspired Livery

An Indiana short line railroad has repainted a high-hood GP38-2 into an Illinois Terminal inspired livery.

The Indiana Eastern Railroad applied the green and yellow to a former Southern Railway unit recently and put it into revenue service this week.

IE had purchased the unit from Norfolk Southern in October 2017. The unit was once used by NS at a training center in Georgia.

Built in September 1979, No. 5255 replaces at the IE a pair of Alger, Winslow & Western SD9s as the railroad’s primary power.

No. 5255 made its first revenue trip with its new look on Nov. 4.

George Andres, CEO and co-owner of the IE and a sister operation Ohio South Central Railroad, tells Trains magazine that the inspiration for the new livery came from a combination of the “John Deere Green” IT livery used on its GP20’s and the original IT light green with yellow noses used on GP7s.

No. 5255 can  be found working in and around IE’s home in Cottage Grove, Indiana, on most weekday mornings.

IE still has its SD9s with one serving as a backup and the other stored serviceable.


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