One Day in October 2005 at Morgan Run

The late Jerry Jacobson, owner of the Ohio Central System, was an Akron Railroad Club member and for many years ran a special October trip for the club members and their families, and until the final years, for the public.

Shown are images made during an Oct. 22, 2005, trip from Dennison to the Morgan Run shops near Coshocton, Ohio.

In the top image image Ohio Central F40PH No. 280 (ex-Amtrak) and Baldwin 2-8-0 No. 33 (ex Lake Superior & Ishpeming) are inside the shop.

Next up club members and others converse outside the shop while some make photographs.

The next two images show F9A No. 6313 is on the south end of passenger train at Morgan Run.

In the final two images SD40-2 No. 4022 leads an eastbound unit coal train on what was once the PRR’s Panhandle Division. SD45 7499 is on the west end of the unit train.

Photographs By Robert Farkas

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