FAA Proposes That Drones Have ID System

The Federal Aviation Administration has proposed that unmanned aircraft, including drones, have a remote identification system so that law enforcement and federal security agencies can identify them while they are flying in their jurisdiction.

Drones would be required to have the ability to transmit identification and location information to other airspace users and people on the ground.

The rule would apply to all drones that are required to be registered with the FAA, which includes those used by railroads to inspect their infrastructure.

In a news release, the FAA said it proposed the rule due to an increase in the number of drone operations.

This has given rise to the need to provide additional situational awareness to manned and unmanned aircraft, FAA officials said.

The FAA expects the remote identification network to form the foundation for the development of other technologies that can enable expanded operations, like those over people or beyond visual line of sight.

The network will also allow the FAA and drone industry to move toward a traffic management ecosystem.

The proposed rule is expected to be published on Dec. 31 in the Federal Register which will trigger a 60-day public comment period.

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