Last Photograph in Berea of 2019

For nearly 26 years, Berea was my go-to place to watch trains, particularly when I felt more like watching than photographing.

With around 100 trains every 24 hours that includes a diverse mix of Norfolk Southern, CSX, Amtrak and the Wheeling & Lake Erie, there is much to see there.

Over the course of a quarter century I made countless photographs in Berea.

You soon reach a point, though, when you think you’ve photographed from every angle there to photograph. Now what?

Well, there are still trains to watch, still people to socialize with and still the chance that the next train might have something a little out of the ordinary.

But most of the trains are pretty routine, including this westbound CSX intermodal.

I’ve photographed from this angle many times and recorded numerous westbound CSX intermodal trains.

There is nothing different about this image from a dozen or more other images I’ve made here.

But this one is different in one not so obvious way. It is the last photograph I made in Berea of 2019.

This photograph was made on a late Friday afternoon in late August. It was the only train I photographed during my two or so hours trackside.

I’ll be back to Berea some day in 2020, I just don’t know when. When I do get back I’ll probably make yet another image from this angle.

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