Latrobe Station Renovation May Begin This Year

Work on renovating the Amtrak station in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, may get underway later this year.

Latrobe City Manager John Antinori told the city council recently that the city has been having discussions with Amtrak about three tentative design options for the project.

One of those would include a ramp for passengers to more easily reach the station and boarding platform from a parking lot below that is located on McKinley Avenue.

At present passengers must climb steps to the boarding platform because the tracks through Latrobe are elevated.

Also involved in the discussions is the Pennsylvania State Historic Preservation Office, which is reviewing a project design that calls for connecting the passenger platform to the parking area with a covered ramp.

Amtrak also wants to raise the platform so that it sits eight inches above the rails. That would make boarding more convenient for those in wheelchairs.

The station renovation project has been in the works for the past two years.

The project would also include signs that comply with the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

“They seem serious about doing it,” Antinori said of the project. “It’s all preliminary, but it would be exciting to see.”

When planning began two years ago Amtrak has projected completing the work in 2019.

Now Amtrak wants the design phase of the project completed by the first quarter of 2020 with construction to start by the third quarter of this year.

Norfolk Southern, which owns the tracks used by Amtrak through Latrobe, must also approve the station design plans.

Jarod Trunzo, executive director of the Latrobe Community Revitalization Program, said the renovated Amtrak station needs to be in line with that of the 1903 former Pennsylvania Railroad station on McKinley that is now DiSalvo’s Station Restaurant.

Latrobe is served by Amtrak’s Pennsylvanian between New York and Pittsburgh, which is funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

In 2018 Amtrak served 4,068 passengers in Latrobe, generating $243,841 in revenue.

That was a decline from 2017 in which the passenger carrier served 4,250 passengers and netted nearly $250,000 in revenue in Latrobe.

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