NS Union Says Company Serving Rotten Food

Railroads and their unions dispute many things including wages and work rules, but one union at Norfolk Southern has gotten into a food fight with the Class 1 carrier.

Members of the Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees said this week that NS is serving track workers poor quality food, describing some of it as “rotten and inedible.”

During a protest at NS headquarters in Atlanta, union members showed photographs showing spoiled chicken and moldy fruit that purportedly had been served to MOW workers on projects in remote areas.

The workers were able to talk briefly to NS CEO James Squires and Chief Operating Officer Mike Wheeler about the matter.

“Norfolk Southern is a massively profitable railroad,” a union official said. “Mr. Squires himself made $11.3 million in 2018. The disrespect shown BMWED members through the serving of moldy, expired food is obtuse. It must stop immediately. If not, we will be back outside his lavish office.”

An NS spokesman said the meeting with the union workers resulted in a “productive dialog” and that the carrier will investigate the matter.

The spokesman said the food served to MOW workers is provided under contract by food vendors.

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