NS Puts Out of the Ordinary Units up for Sale

Some of the locomotives that Norfolk Southern is seeking to sell are rare birds.

Those include 29 Electro-Motive Division SD80MACs that were unique to Conrail that NS inherited when it and CSX divided Conrail in 1999.

Carrying NS roster numbers 7200-7228, the ex-Conrail units were built between 1995 and 1996 and were among a small fleet of alternating current units.

Conrail also purchased 15 SD70MACs that NS continues to operate in revenue service.

CSX received 13 of the SD80MACs from the Conrail motive power roster. NS later bought 12 of those with one of them having been scrapped.

At NS, the SD80MACs were mainstays in coal train service in central Pennsylvania although they also held down assignments elsewhere in the NS system.

NS idled its SD80MAC about the time it began implementing its TOP21 operating plan last year, the NS version of precision scheduled railroading.

A review by Trains magazine of the list of other locomotives being offered for sale by NS found that other vintage units are on the block, including some that date back to Penn Central ownership.

Several units were originally acquired by NS predecessors Norfolk & Western and Southern Railway or their subsidiaries.

These include RPU6 Slug 879 (a former EMD SD40) and RP-E4 Slugs 912 and 913 (former Norfolk & Western GP9s); MP15E’s 2368 (ex-Southern/Central of Georgia), 2374, and 2381 (both ex-Southern); GP38-2s 5202 (ex-Southern) and 5276 (ex-Penn Central); and GP40-2 3030 (ex-Conrail).

Also being sold are 58 EMD SD40-2s which came from Alabama Great Southern (Southern subsidiary; 1 unit); Burlington Northern (16 units), Canadian Pacific (two units), Central of Georgia (Southern subsidiary, five units), Cincinnati New Orleans & Texas Pacific (Southern subsidiary, two units), Colorado & Southern (BN subsidiary, one unit), Conrail (11 units), Georgia Southern & Florida (Southern subsidiary, one unit), Kennecott Copper Co. (one unit), Missouri Pacific (one unit), Norfolk & Western (nine units), and Union Pacific (two units).

Trains reported that some of the SD40-2 units are 45 years old and some were acquired from locomotive lease firms CEFX, CITX, or FURX.

Some SD40-2s were rebuilt Admiral cabs at the Juniata Locomotive Shop in Altoona, Pennsylvania.

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