Remembering the Shaker Heights Rapid

For many Clevelanders what has been for many year the Greater Cleveland Transit Authority rail lines to Shaker Heights will always be known as the Shaker Rapid.

At one time it was formally known as Shaker Heights Rapid Transit but today it is either the Green Line or Blue Line of RTA.

The top photograph was made in the late 1960s or early 1970s and shows Shaker Rapid car 46 at the Shaker Square station in Cleveland.

The next two photographs were made at the end of the Van Aken line in Shaker Heights.

The images were made in the same time period as the top image.

Car 74 at the far left has its doors open for inbound riders. Looking from the left you can see cars 74, 45, 65, 48, 84, and 77.

In the next image, Car 48 can be seen at the end of what is today the Blue Line.

The staging yard shown in these images has since been removed and there are now just three tracks at the end of the Blue Line just short of the intersection of Van Aken and Warrensville Road.

The location of the bottom image was not specified by the photographer, but it appears to be a westbound car headed for downtown Cleveland just west of the Shaker Square station.

Photographs by Robert Farkas

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