Vestiges of the Past in These Photos

In these three images can be found many traces of the past and things that are no more.

The top image made made on May 8, 1987, in Akron. It may not be readily apparent to some that this is an eastbound CSX train.

The motive power includes Baltimore & Ohio 8593 in its Chessie System livery, a former Seaboard System unit and another Chessie locomotive.

The photographer was standing on the former right of way of the westbound Erie Railroad mainline, which by this time had been abandoned.

The middle image was made in Barberton on May 9, 1987.

The trailing unit indicates it is the early CSX era. Lead unit No. 8373 is a former Chesapeake & Ohio SD40-2 wearing its Chessie colors.

Note the bright Cyron-Trans boxcars in the consist.

The bottom image also was made in Barberton but in May 1988. Like the other Barberton image it has a Seaboard System unit in its original colors.

Photographs by Robert Farkas

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