Flight Cancellations Widespread at NE Ohio Airports

Airline service in Northeast Ohio this week has been widely affected by a slew of cancellations of scheduled flights.

Delta Airlines has not flown a flight to the Akron-Canton Airport from Atlanta since Wednesday afternoon.

On Friday, Delta operated just two of its eight scheduled flights to Cleveland from Atlanta, both of which arriving in the evening.

Spirit Airlines operated its lone flight of the day to Cleveland from Atlanta.

The Atlanta-based Delta normally flies three times a day between Atlanta and Akron-Canton.

A check of the flight tracking website Flightaware.com, showed that Delta planned to operate its first flight of the day on Saturday from Atlanta to CAK as well as its last flight. However, the mid-afternoon flight has been canceled.

The fact an airline has posted a flight as scheduled to operate doesn’t mean that it will.

Cancellations have been a near-daily occurrence for some flights. Delta’s last flight of the day to Akron-Canton, last operated on Monday night.

The flight is flown with a Boeing 737 and is scheduled to arrive after 11 p.m. It departs early the next morning.

A cursory check of Flightaware.com for Friday flights to CAK found that three of the six scheduled flights from Chicago’s O’Hare Airport were canceled.

The two scheduled flights from Philadelphia to Akron-Canton operated, but four of five flights scheduled from Philly to Cleveland were canceled.

All flights from Charlotte to CAK operated but one flight scheduled for Saturday has been scrapped.

The sole flight to Akron-Canton from Washington’s Reagan National Airport was canceled on Friday but two flights operated on Thursday. One flight is scheduled to operate on Saturday.

Both Newark-CAK flights on Friday were canceled but the lone New York LaGuardia flight to CAK has flown as scheduled the past three days.

Spirit flights between CAK and Orlando, Tampa and Fort Myers have operated as scheduled.

Flight cancellations have been widespread at Cleveland Hopkins Airport.

As of Saturday morning Delta has canceled three of its six scheduled flights on Saturday to Cleveland from Atlanta.

American Airlines scrapped two of its three flights to Cleveland from Dallas-Fort Worth on Friday.

Six of the 12 flights to Cleveland from LaGuardia Airport were canceled.

A check of flights to other major business cities found that three Cleveland-Boston flights were canceled including two of the four scheduled to be flown by JetBlue.

Three of the four flights between Cleveland and New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport operated while two of seven Newark flights were canceled.

Four of the seven flights between Cleveland Reagan National were canceled with no arrivals after 12:13 p.m.

United Airlines canceled all four of its flights from Cleveland to Washington Dulles Airport on Friday and doesn’t plan to fly any or those flights on Saturday.

Of the 14 flights scheduled between Cleveland and Chicago O’Hare, eight were canceled on Friday.

Southwest Airlines canceled two of its three Chicago Midway Airport flights on Friday.

Most service between Cleveland and Florida operated as scheduled on Friday.

That included all four flights from Fort Lauderdale, two of three Miami flights, six of seven Orlando flights, and three of five Fort Myers flights.

Service to Cleveland from Florida is provided by United, American, Spirit and Frontier.

However, Allegiant Air canceled its flight from Punta Gorda, Florida, on Friday and earlier in the week canceled its Wednesday flight from Clearwater.

Allegiant was scheduled to operate to Clearwater on Saturday from Cleveland but has canceled that flight.

One of three Cleveland-Las Vegas flights was canceled on Friday. Two of five Cleveland-Denver flights operated on Friday while Four of seven flights between Cleveland and Charlotte were canceled.

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