B&O in Akron in 1967

As you requested, we’ve set the wayback machine to December 1967, Akron, Ohio, Baltimore & Ohio mainline, Akron Union Depot.

And what pops up but an eastbound train about to pass the station, led by GP38 No. 836.

A couple of things are of interest in this image. The second unit is a Reading Lines GP30.

There is also construction work going north of the tracks. Note the concourse of Union Depot is no longer connected on the north side to the bus station.

But there are buses still parked there as a new building is being constructed nearby.

Photograph by Robert Farkas

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One Response to “B&O in Akron in 1967”

  1. Mike Minkel Says:

    Enjoying the wayback machine. I don’t believe the Akron Union Depot concourse ever connected to the Greyhound Bus station above ground. I have a vague memory of steps at the end of the concourse leading to a tunnel under the bus parking lot and emerging inside the Greyhound station. Would be happy to hear more.

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