PTC Compliance Reaches 98% of Required Track

The latest Federal Railroad Administration report on positive train control implementation shows that nearly all railroads required to have a PTC system in place by Dec. 31 are likely to meet that deadline.

That means the carriers are operating their systems in revenue service or advanced field testing.

PTC remains to be activated on approximately 1,100 route miles as mandated by federal law.

The information reported by FRA was based on self-reported data provided to the agency by the carriers required by federal law to have a PTC system on some or all of their lines.

The information reported this week by the FRA was current as of March 31.

As of that date, PTC operation or advanced field testing was in effect on 56,541 route miles or 98 percent of the nearly 58,000 route miles subject to the federal mandate.

PTC systems were governing operations on all PTC-mandated main lines owned or controlled by Class I freight railroads and other freight host railroads subject to the mandate.

On commuter railroads, 63.2 percent of route miles had PTC in operation or advanced field testing.

FRA said interoperability nationwide was 48.5 percent of the 229 applicable host-tenant railroad relationships, a 10 percent increase since the fourth quarter of 2019.

In a news release, the FRA said it continues to direct staff resources to railroads at risk of not fully implementing an FRA-certified and interoperable PTC system on their required main lines by Dec. 31.

Railroads that FRA staff believe are at risk of missing the PTC deadline include New Jersey Transit, TEXRail, Chicago’s Metra, and New Mexico Rail Runner Express.

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