Ed’s Favorite Steam Memories of 1986

The roundhouse on the grounds of Expo 86 in Vancouver, British Columbia.

My 1986 favorite adventures were an Amtrak trip to the Expo 86 World’s Fair in Vancouver, British Columbia, along with outings to photograph Norfolk & Western 611 and Louisville & Nashville 152.

In May my Amtrak trip to Vancouver included my only trip on the Pioneer from Salt Lake City to Seattle.

In Vancouver I met up with the late Bill Surdyk to attended Expo 86.

A highlight of the event was the grand steam parade on May 26. The huge crowd witnessed a parade of 17 operating steam locomotives.

As for N&W 611, it operated between Bellevue and Buffalo in August 1986.

During October L&N 152 ran excursions on the former Louisville & Nashville in Kentucky and Virginia.

Article and Photographs by Edward Ribinskas

BC Rail (Canadian Pacific) Royal Hudson 2860 is shown as part of the steam parade along with Virginia & Truckee 22.

N&W 611 crosses the Nickel Plate trestle over the Grand River in Painesville during a journey to Buffalo, New York, on Aug. 1, 1986.

L&N 152 is negotiating a switchback at Hagans, Virginia during a trip from Harlan, Kentucky, to Appalachia, Virginia, on October 11, 1986.

L&N 152 in Hagans, Virginia, on a switchback.

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