CDC Recommendation Disfavors Public Transit

As if the nation’s public transportation systems were not suffering enough, a recommendation from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention could add even more pain.

In a set of guidelines for reopening offices after COVID-19 pandemic closures the agencies suggests that employers offer incentive to workers to avoid mass transit.

Those could include such things as parking reimbursement for those who drive to work alone.

The CDC said those who take public transportation should ask employers to allow them to work at less busy times and wash their hands as soon as possible after riding a bus or train.

Earlier this week the New York Stock Exchange said workers and visitors are forbidden from traveling to the exchange aboard public transit and some fear that if this become a trend it will continue the devastation public transit systems have sustained from greatly reduced ridership.

TransitCenter, a New York-based foundation that supports public transportation, was critical of the CDC guidelines.

The organization Tweeted that some transit systems are carrying substantial loads while their cities experience low virus transmission rates.

“The CDC owes these Americans [who are unable to drive to work] stronger guidance on how to operate transit service while carrying a large share of typical ridership,” TransitCenter said.

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