APTA Critical of CDC Recommendation that Workers Avoid Using Public Transportation

A recommendation by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that workers avoid public transportation has drawn sharp criticism from a public transit trade group and some transit operators.

The American Public Transportation Association called the recommendation misguided and said it would “severely hamper our nation’s economic recovery.”

CDC recommended that as offices reopen and workers return that employers provide incentives to discourage use of public transportation.

Instead, CDC said workers should drive or use ride sharing services in instances in which the worker is the sole passenger.

APTA President Paul Skoutelas said the recommendation runs counter to past guidance provided to public transportation agencies and riders.

“The guidance also doesn’t consider the congestion created by millions of cars stuck in traffic. Gridlock and polluted skies are not the mobility future we want emerging from this crisis,” Skoutelas said.

He suggested that CDC work with APTA and the public transit industry to further develop appropriate guidelines.

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