A Man and His Steam Locomotives

Ed Ribinskas has been passionate about steam locomotives since he can remember. Chasing steam has been a major theme in the remembrances that he has written for this site in recent weeks.

In this post, we pull together some images of Ed with steam locomotives that were created during recent trips in his quest for steam motive power, whether it was operational or on static display.

Ed is show with two steam locomotives that played a role in his railfanning activities during times past.

In the middle photo he is shown fulfilling a dream by being able to sit in the engineer’s seat of Norfolk & Western 4-8-4 No. 611 when it was at a Pennsylvania museum last year.

That experience also included blowing the whistle of the Northern type engine built in Roanoke, Virginia, and which later became the centerpiece of the Norfolk Southern steam program when it still operated.

In the top photo, Ed greets Nickel Plate Road 2-8-4 No. 759, a Berkshire type locomotive now in the collection of Steamtown National Historic Site.

It is known for having pulled the Golden Spike Centennial excursion train in 1969 and for pulling other public excursions until it was retired in 1977.

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