Pennsylvania Updates Transportation Plan

The Pennsylvania’s State Transportation Commission said it has updated the state’s 12-year plan to make $64.8 billion available for improvements to railroads, transit systems, roads, bridges and airports.

Overseen by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, the new program will become effective on Oct. 1 and anticipates the following funding availability in the first four years from federal, state and local sources:
• $11.4 billion for state highways and bridges;
• $9.4 billion for public transit;
• $321 million for multimodal projects;
• $228 million for freight rail; and
• $138 million for aviation.

The program was described by PennDOT as a multimodal tool to identify and give priority to transportation projects and the funds needed to complete them.

Under state law the program must be updated every two years.

PennDOT said public comments made during the 12-year planning process have played a key role in identifying investments in the various transportation modes.

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