EBT at 60 and Looking to the Future

East Broad Top Railroad No. 12 Mikie and No. 15 sit outside Orbisonia station.

This past weekend the East Broad Top Railroad celebrated its 60th Anniversary since it started operation in 1960 as a tourist line.

The six steam engines currently do not run although four were out on display. The other two are currently being worked on and will hopefully be operational next year.

Trains did run but they were either hauled by diesel or the M1 gas electric doodlebug. They didn’t run very far as only a mile of track has been rehabilitated.

Much work has been done in fixing the line including stone ballast which the EBT never had.  Being a coal hauling short line it used cinder and slag ballast only for all the years it was operational.

The new ownership group is investing a lot of effort in restoring the line.

The first goal is to restore operation to the five mile stretch that the tourist line used. After that other parts of the line may be put back in service.

Still a fun time was had by all who visited.  I was able to get there on Friday Aug. 14 and here’s a few pictures from that day. I hope to return many more times in the future.

Article and Photographs by Todd Dillon

EBT No. 17 sits outside the Orbisonia shops.

Gas electric M1 pulls into the station.

A view down the track and the new stone ballast and track work.

The M7 hauls a passenger train over a newly re-decked bridge.

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