Group Seeks to Build Kentucky Rail Line

A non-profit entity is seeking to build a 12-mile rail line in Kentucky and Tennessee that would link two existing short line railroads to a Kentucky river port.

The Ken Tenn Regional Rail Partners has asked U.S. Surface Transportation Board approval in order to build the line between the TennKen Railroad near the Hickman, Kentucky, Riverport and the Union City Terminal Railroad in Tennessee.

Two segments of the line of nearly 3.5 miles would use abandoned rights-of-way.

Ken Tenn Partners represents the Fulton County Industrial Development Authority of Kentucky and the Industrial Development Board of Union City, Tennessee

The STB petition said the current option for eastbound traffic from the port is a two-lane highway between Hickman and Union City.

Current rail service to the port is limited because the TennKen line connecting the port to an interchange with Canadian National in Dyersburg, Tennessee, is in poor condition.

The new line would provide an additional interchange point with CN via the Union City Terminal Railroad point at Rives, Tennessee.

The states of Kentucky and Tennessee along with the U.S. Department of Transportation have provided more than $700,000 in funding for the project.

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