Whole Lotta Alcos Back There

It’s late 1967 or maybe early 1968 on the Water Level Route east of Cleveland, which was still under the control of the New York Central although not for long.

On the point of this train is GP7 5761, built by EMD in May 1953.

But what caught the interest of the photograph was the barely noticeable puffs of Alco smoke from the six trailing units.

They were all Alcos and all of them running. Two of them are FA units thjat could not run nose to nose because of the way they were built.

NYC FAs did have nose MU capability, but were not set up for nose-to-nose operation.

That was because the main reservoir air hoses, engine brake air hoses and sand pipe air hoses were on the engineers side of the nose below the anti-climber.

Photograph by Robert Farkas

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One Response to “Whole Lotta Alcos Back There”

  1. David Sharp Says:

    There are clearly 3 F7’s on this train. One F7B and two F7A’s. No FAs!

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