Time for Another Chessie Two for Tuesday

We can never get enough Chessie System motive power photographs so let’s double our pleasure with a Chessie two for Tuesday.

In the top image, Chessie System GP40-2 No. 4435 is westbound in Warwick on Sept. 27, 1983. No. 4435 would later become CSX 6449.

In the bottom image, a trio of units wearing Chessie colors and markings leads a westboud through Akron in August 1979.

In the lead is B&O GP38 No. 3836. Notice the decrepit condition of the tracks next to the train.

Photographs by Robert Farkas


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One Response to “Time for Another Chessie Two for Tuesday”

  1. pwwoodring Says:

    The near track in the second image was not B&O/Chessie, it was part of the PRR/PC/CR line from Hudson to Warwick and South (the old CA&C), coming out of South Akron yard and ending at JO Tower as a separate line, then separating out again at AY. I think it was designated the 103 or 104 track. Another separate CR line came out of the South end of South Akron yard paralleling the Chessie mains as far as Lambert near Waterloo Rd., then joined the Chessie mains to Warwick Jct., with one track owned by PRR to CR and one by B&O until CSX, when CR abandoned the line totally and CSX single-tracked the main from Lambert to Warwick in late 1990. That trackage was why Warwick and JO towers were PRR-Conrail controlled to the end of their operations, because that was the first railroad into Akron.

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