DOT 113 Tank Car Now in Safety Train Fleet

A DOT 113 cryogenic tank car has been added to the fleet of the Safety Train program of the Firefighters Education and Training Foundation.

This type of tank car has been approved for the movement of liquefied natural gas.

The car was made available through the Federal Railroad Administration, which donated the car.

The FRA and the Pipeline and Hazardous Material Safety Administration provide assistance to the Safety Train, which trains emergency responders.

A DOT 113 car can transport liquids at temperatures of minus-155 degrees to minus-423 degrees.

It has double walls and has been compared to a Thermos bottle with its insulation materials and vacuum in the space between the tanks.

The piping between the two tanks is unlike that in any other tank car and must accommodate the low-temperature cryogenic liquid inside and the ambient temperatures outside.

Workers have modified the car assigned to the Safety Train so that it has a saddle box containing a pull-out tray with a 2-foot-by-3-foot cross section of a DOT 113 car, including the special insulation for the cryogenic liquids.

The Foundation owns and operates three Safety Trains, which include the Dow Safety Train and two others that are used in a partnership with the Short Line Safety Institute.

Each Safety Train has a classroom car, three different types of tank cars, and a flat car that carries examples of the protective housings and valves from all  tank used today.

The DOT 113 car will be part of a Safety Train that will travel rail routes expected to host the transport of LNG.

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