Hamilton Still Seeking Funding to Save B&O Station

The mayor of Hamilton, Ohio, is still seeking funding to pay to move the city’s historic former Baltimore & Ohio passenger station to an as yet undetermined site.

“I cannot give any update which is exactly where we want to be, but I do know that there is great interest amongst citizens as well as historic groups,” said Mayor Pat Moeller.

A former city clerk, Nick Garuckas, had been leading the effort to find grant money for the station project but he recently moved out of the area after starting a new job.

“I hope to pick up some of those avenues and see what we can do to continue the talk of making it a special place in Hamilton,” Moeller said. “I’m obviously going to need help, and I know there’s interest among council members, there’s interest obviously among citizens, interest among historic groups.”

The station is now located on South Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and city officials are eyeing the prospect of moving it to a nearby site although a specific location has yet to be identified.

Moeller has proposed calling it the Lincoln-Truman-CSX Train Station.

Abraham Lincoln gave a speech near the station in 1959 and Harry Truman also spoke near the station in 1948.

The mayor said he probably should call for a meeting of interested parties to see who would would be interested in helping the city explore grant possibilities and community partnerships.

Kathy Creighton, executive director of the Butler County Historical Society, has called for the former station being made into a museum, saying Butler County has a rich railroad history.

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