Steam Saturday: Split Identity Steamer in Greenville

We started our railfanning expedition early on July 2, 2008. Looking through my photos, I see that we caught action on Norfolk Southern’s ex-Nickel Plate trestle in Ashtabula.

With Amtrak 48 running in those days on a slightly later schedule than it does today we were able to photograph it from the West Avenue bridge bridge overlooking the former ex- New York Central yard of CSX in Ashtabula.

Working our way to Conneaut we eventually caught and chased a Bessemer & Lake Erie train southbound to Greenville, Pennsylvania.

After our last photo of the Bessemer through Greenville, we visited the Greenville Railroad Park adjacent to the ex-Erie main and across the tracks from the ex-Erie station.

The featured display was the ex-Union Railroad 0-10-2 No. 304, which was one of the three steamers saved in Greenville’s B&LE roundhouse until it was donated to the city in 1985.

It was restored to a fantastic display and to this day it is still maintained as a beautiful display. What is unique with the locomotive is the engineer’s side is painted as Union Railroad No. 304, but the fireman’s side is painted as Duluth Missabe & Iron Range No. 604.

Both were U.S. Steel railroads as was the B&LE at one time.

Article and Photographs by Edward Ribinskas

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