MRPS Receives Emery Trust Grant

The Midwest Railway Preservation Society has received a $15,000 grant from the John Emery Rail Heritage Trust.

The grant will be used for mechanical and cosmetic restoration of Pullman car Mt. Baxter.

The Emery Trust this week said it has awarded 22 grants totaling almost $325,000 for rail preservation projects in 2021, with 20 new awards joining two projects previously receiving funding.

The trust received 41 grant applicants seeking more than $1 million.

Other grant recipients included the East Broad Top Foundation, which will receive $15,000 for restoration work on its M-1 gas-electric car.

Two Kentucky groups also received grants. The Kentucky Railway Museum received $12,000 for repair and refurbishment of coach No. 884 while the Kentucky Steam Heritage Corporation received $15,000 for continued work on Chesapeake & Ohio locomotive No. 2716.

The Pennsylvania-based West Chester Railroad Heritage Association received $10,000 for interior and exterior coach work while the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad was awarded  $50,000 for restoration work on Chesapeake & Ohio locomotive No. 1309.

The Emery Trust was established by John Emery to preserve equipment and infrastructure to allow future generations to experience what he considered the golden age of rail travel, from 1920 to 1960.

It is the largest trust in the U.S. that makes all of its awards solely for railroad restoration purposes.

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