GOP Senators Release Own Infrastructure Plan

A number of Republican members of the U.S. Senate have unveiled their own five-year $568 billion infrastructure plan.

It is a counter to a $2.3 trillion plan laid out by President Joseph Biden dubbed the American Jobs Plan.

The GOP senators said their proposal would be more narrow than the Biden plan and focus more on what they termed core physical infrastructure.

Funding allocations in the GOP plan include roads and bridges ($299 billion); public transit systems ($61 billion); freight and passenger rail ($20 billion); water and wastewater ($35 billion); ports and inland waterways ($17 billion); broadband ($65 billion); airports ($44 billion); and water storage ($14 billion); and safety ($13 billion).

The plan would impose user fees on electric vehicles and repurpose some unused federal spending allocated by the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Congress approved in March.

In a news release, the GOP senators said their plan is expected to be a framework for developing bipartisan bills that Congress could pass.

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