EBT Rebuilds Bridge, Lays Ballast

Workers at the East Broad Top Railroad have repaired a damaged bridge and are laying ballast on the mainline in preparation for the resumption of regular service next month.

The historic narrow gauge Pennsylvania tourist railroad is seeking to reopen much of the original 33-mile main line.

The replacement bridge is located about 3.5 miles north of EBT’s yard and headquarters at Rockhill Furnace.

It was damaged last year when struck by an over-height truck. The collision dented a girder and knocked the track out of alignment.

The repair work included concrete and stone abutment work, and placement of new I-beams and bridge timbers on the 12-foot span.

Last week a ballast train dumped about 500 tons of crushed limestone along the track, including at “Long Fill,” a popular site for photographers shooting from nearby U.S. Route 522.

EBT has ordered a ballast tamper that should arrive soon.

There remains about a mile of track to be rehabilitated with gauging, tie replacement, and surfacing to make the line usable to Colgate Grove, where locomotives are turned on a wye.

Work being done along the right of way also includes creating ditching in cuts and placement of new culvert pipe to improve drainage.

In Rockhill Furnace, concrete pavement has been poured at the station loading area, stone have been placed for a new parking area north of the station, and low wooden split-rail fences have been placed to guide pedestrian traffic patterns.

Plans are to use the freight station as a staging area for shop tours.

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