AOS Crews Working on Restoration Projects

The Age of Steam Roundhouse Museum recently issued its summer 2021 report, which showed that the workforce has been busy with numerous restoration projects.

One of those is working on the boiler of former McCloud/Yreka Western 2-8-2 No. 19.

Workers removed scaling from the boiler and measured and inspected it.

The preliminary data shows the boiler to be in good condition.

Work also continued on restoration of Chicago, Burlington & Quincy coach 705, which was built in 1920. A fellow commuter Burlington commuter coach, No. 704 also underwent repairs, including all new sub flooring that will be covered with new tile so that it retains its original look.

Seats have been removed and will be inspected. Exterior work to be preformed includes repairs of rusted areas in the vestibules, and exterior body work.

Former Morehead & North Fork/Southern Railway 0-6-0 No. 12 received new canvas side and back cab curtains, which are used to protect the crew from inclement weather.

The locomotives has been fired up a few times this year for special events and will be used with more of the 2021 special events that are being planned.

More information about these restoration projects is available at the AOS website.

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