CA&C Article Appears in Conrail Quarterly

An article by Dennis Fravel about the Cleveland, Akron & Columbus will be published this month by Conrail Quarterly.

The article is titled The Main Line That Never Was and included numerous photographs made between Hudson and Orrville,

Fravel said those were provided by the Conrail Historical Society were easier to obtain than images made on the Akron/Mt. Vernon Secondary.

The article is focused on the Conrail era and the line’s eventual demise. However, the article has some history and discussion of the line’s legacy.

Fravel, a Columbus resident, presented a program on the CA&C at the Akron Railroad’s Club’s end of year dinner in December 2018.

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One Response to “CA&C Article Appears in Conrail Quarterly”

  1. Dennis Fravel Says:

    Craig, Thanks for taking the time to post this! If it hadn’t been for the opportunity to speak to the ARC I never would have done the research necessary to learn about Hudson–Orrville. Dennis Fravel

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