Rainy Day on the Oil Creek & Titusville

Getting ready to depart Titusville, Pennsylvania.
Doing the runaround of the motive power at Rynd Farm.
Arriving at Petroleum Center
About to cross Oil Creek on the return trip.

This past Sunday (July 11), Marty Surdyk and I ventured to Titusville, Pennsylvania to ride the Oil Creek & Titusville.

The weather forecast leading up to Sunday was horrible for our area and for where we were headed.

Marty picked me up about 8:20 a.m. The drive most of the way was cloudy with a few sprinkles. We arrived in Titusville to overcast skies but no rain yet. At the departure time of 11 a.m. we still were OK.

After passing the Drake Well Museum we went out to the open gondola on the rear of the train. About eight minutes later the heavens opened up. The crew sent everybody back to the coaches for safety since the gondola would become very slippery from the rain.

Shorty before arriving at Rynd Farm the rain let up. Upon our departure about 30 minutes later we still were OK and we were welcome in the gondola.

We were good for about 45 minutes then our seats were more inviting for the remainder of the trip. Just before 2 p.m. the train arrived back at Titusville.

Our motive power was ex-Canadian National 3568, an M420W that was built by Montreal Locomotive Works, Canada’s division of Alco, in September 1976.

Article and Photographs by Edward Ribinskas

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