Foote Responds to Service Complaints Assertion

In a letter to the U.S. Surface Transportation Board, CSX CEO James Foote sought to refute assertions that the Class 1 carrier is having service issues.

Foote said there has not been a surge in shipper complaints and that the carrier has increased the number of staff in customer service office by 40 percent.

He was responding in part to a letter written by STB Chairman Martin J. Oberman last month seeking information about such service issues as missed switches, delayed shipments and unfulfilled car orders.

Oberman said in the letter that regulators have been receiving a steady stream of complaints about CSX service.

Foote countered that if those informal complaints are coming into regulators that CSX wants to hear about them because the company cannot address issues it doesn’t know exist.

He also contended that although CSX service is not where it should be, that the carrier moving toward returning to 2019 performance levels as it continue to hire new operating personnel and such metrics as terminal dwell time, average train speed and the number or cars sitting for more than 48 hours without moving are among the best in the industry.

Foote’s letter has been posted at

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