Class 1 Employment Dipped 2.4 in January

U.S. Class I Railroad employment was down 2.4 percent in mid January compared with December 2021.

The railroads employed 111,754 people in January, which also was down 1.5 percent compared with January 2021, the U.S. Surface Transportation Board said.

All employment categories posted declines in January compared with December.

Transportation (train and engine) employment fell 3.87 percent to 45,767 workers; maintenance of equipment and stores was down 2.31 percent to 16,940; professional and administrative was down 1.4 percent to 9,672; maintenance of way and structures declined 1.15 percent to 27,452; transportation (other than train and engine) dipped 0.62 percent to 4,655; and executives, officials and staff assistants was down 0.21 percent to 7,268.

Five of the six categories saw year-over-year losses. They were maintenance of equipment and stores, down 6.33 percent; professional and administrative, down 5.35 percent; transportation (other than train and engine), down 1.48 percent;  maintenance of way and structures, down 0.6 percent; and executives, officials and staff assistants, down 0.34 percent.

Only transportation (train and engine) had a year-over-year increase, which was 0.54 percent.

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