ODOT Seeks Comments on Freight Plan Draft

The Ohio Department of Transportation is taking public comments on a draft of the state freight plan.

Known as Transport Ohio, the plan provides an overview of the state’s 1,330 miles of interstate highways, 5,000 miles of active freight rail lines, 736 maritime system miles, eight airports with regular cargo service, and more than 110,000 miles of pipeline.

The draft plan said more than 1 billion tons of goods worth more than $1.2 trillion moved over that network in 2018.

The draft Transport Ohio plan seeks to determine the needs of the state’s roadway, rail, air cargo, maritime and pipeline networks, including discussing coordination, partnerships, innovation and technology for ODOT to implement through fiscal year 2027. It also recommends freight system investments.

ODOT said in a news release that the plan meets existing freight plan requirements outlined in the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act, as well as requirements signed into law in November 2021 as part of the Investment in Infrastructure and Jobs Act.

The ODOT news release noted that freight transportation contributed to nearly 40 percent of Ohio’s gross domestic product in 2019.

The draft plan can be found at https://publicinput.com/TransportOhio

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