Amtrak to Boost Keystone Service

Amtrak plans to add additional train service to the Keystone corridor on April 25.

In a news release, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, which helps fund the service, said it expects increased ridership.

Service in the corridor between New York City and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, via Philadelphia is currently 18 weekday trains between Philadelphia and Harrisburg while 14 weekday trains and 10 weekend trains are offered between New York City and Philadelphia.

The service boost will bring Keystone Service up to 24 weekday trains between Philadelphia and Harrisburg, with 14 available on Saturdays and 16 on Sundays.

Between New York City and Philadelphia, 20 weekday trains will be offered with 12 on Saturdays and 11 on Sundays.

The increased service will restore weekend service to pre-COVID-19 pandemic levels. The weekday service will be two trains above pre-pandemic levels.

In March 2020, Amtrak suspended all Keystone Service due to the pandemic and didn’t begin restoring service until June 2020.

Low demand led to the suspension of some Keystone Service in January 2021 between Philadelphia and Harrisburg.

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