Bird Hunting Season Two for Tuesday

With the hours of daylight approaching their summer peak it has been time for me to get out and go bird hunting. By that I mean getting photographs of Amtrak’s westbound Cardinal in the early morning light.

Shown are two images on different days of Train 51 in one of my favorite “hunting” spots, a stretch of the CSX Monon Subdivision south of Linden, Indiana.

Old U.S. Route 231 runs parallel to the tracks here. It dead ends a short distance away which means the road has very little automotive traffic.

It is a fairly open area save for a few weeds. Both of the images above were made on Memorial Day weekend. The bottom image was made on a Saturday on a day that turned out to be more cloudy than I would have liked.

It had rained quite a bit the day before so there was a lot of moisture in the ground that needed to dry out. The result of that is clouds.

The following Monday I went back. Mondays are typically the day when the westbound Cardinal ferries equipment that has been released from the Beech Grove shops from Indianapolis to Chicago.

Therefore the Cardinal is two trains in one with the front section being the ferry train.

On Memorial Day proper there was a clear sky as P051, as it is symboled on CSX, came racing past.

The regular section of the Cardinal that originated in New York begins behind the second Superliner.

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