Agencies Receive FTA Health Care Grants

The state departments of transportation of Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania have each won a share of the $8.4 million awarded last week to 17 projects in 16 states to improve public transportation for underserved groups, with a focus on health and wellness.

In a news release, FTA said the funding was provided under the Innovative Coordinated Access and Mobility program, which itself received funding from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

The Ohio Department of Transportation was awarded $2.8 million for its Mobility Ohio Pilot Project.

ODOT plans to partner with state agencies to launch a regional transportation resource center in a four-county area in southeastern Ohio. The center, which will serve as a one-stop hub for trip scheduling and mobility management, will coordinate trips for approximately 40 transit providers.

The Michigan Department of Transportation will receive $711,954 for its non-emergency medical rides to wellness program.

The agency will use the money for electric vans and charging stations to expand the Michigan Transportation Connection program to rural and undeserved areas by linking with public transit agencies throughout Michigan.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation will receive $750,000 for its Medical Assistance Transportation Program.

It will use the funding to expand the Find My Ride platform by allowing Medicaid users to submit requests for fixed-route tickets/reimbursement for out-of-pocket travel expenses.

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